Fey Funeral Home, Incorporated: Here at Your Side

It's important to recognize that funeral and memorial ceremonies are for the living; for those who are affected by the loss of a loved one. It is through the funeral process that a number of emotional needs are met for those who grieve. The funeral declares that a death has occurred. It celebrates the life that has been lived and offers family and friends the opportunity to pay tribute to their loved one and take the first step toward a healthy emotional adjustment.


Our 70 years of experience has increased our awareness of people's needs and we know the importance of the process of mourning and will do our best to allow you to say goodbye to your loved one in peace. We will be at your side to make sure you have enough time to mourn your loss and will support you in anyway possible; whenever you need it. Please let us know what we can do for you.


"Your friendship is our success"