Offering Support at Your Time of Loss

The loss of a loved one often comes as a shock, usually much too soon. 

In these difficult times we will stand by your side with reliable and solemn support to handle the arrangements of funeral and burial services.

We offer and arrange different types of funerals to meet individual needs. The main focus should always be on the wishes of the deceased. If the deceased did not express any clear wishes, we recommend that the relatives and other loved ones ask themselves the following questions when choosing a type of funeral:

  • What type of funeral would fit the life and personality of the deceased?
  • What effects will it have on how the loved ones will deal with their grief and their memories of the deceased?


We will meet with you personally to discuss these concerns.


  When death occurs, there are many decisions to be made and plans to arrange.

You may be burdened with questions or problems that you have never been confronted with before. We offer personalized assistance when you need it most,

with understanding and sympathy.