For the Sake of Your Loved Ones: Plan Ahead

The topic of death may not be very easy to deal with during life and yet death is inevitable. For many, it feels like there’s an overwhelming amount of things to think about! Funeral arrangements are a deeply personal choice, but we can advise and help you plan an affordable and individually planned funeral service. 


Pre-planning provides you with the time needed to make practical, detailed decisions that reflect your personality, taste and budget so that you may rest assured that your loved ones will not be burdened with these decisions at the time of grief and emotional stress.


You do not have to set aside funds for your plan, but doing so protects you against escalating funeral costs. By locking today's funeral costs and ensuring that the necessary funds are set aside,  you help relieve yourself of unnecessary worry and your survivors of an unexpected expense.


A private and preplanned funeral consultation with us involves:

  • Selecting the type of funeral 
  • Planning the visitation and service
  • Selecting caskets, outer burial containers or urns
  • Organizing obituaries
  • Determining the flower arrangement 
  • Selecting memorial merchandise
  • Determining costs and payment
  • Naming the people to be contacted in the event of your death
  • Other individual wishes and needs


We would be glad to advise you - without obligations.