Unpleasant, but Unavoidable: The Issue of Cost

The costs of a funeral can vary widely, as they always depend more on the personal wishes of the deceased than of next of kin. Also, it is important to remember that funeral costs are made up of many individual factors. A basic distinction is made between the funeral home charges (our services) and third party charges (cash advances items).


The costs incurred for a funeral include:

  • Funeral home costs - casket, outer burial container/vault, transportation of deceased, preparation of body, use of facility, staff and funeral vehicles
  • Expenses for third-party services (cash advance items) - newspaper notices, floral arrangements, church services, clergy honorarium and certified death certificates from the Office of Vital Records
  • Costs associated with a burial site - grave plot or columbarium niche, opening and closing the grave or niche, grave marker and stone engraving
  • Transportation beyond 25 miles is an additional cost per mile


To make the total funeral cost as affordable and transparent as possible, we'll work closely with you, take personal wishes and desires into account and discuss everything with you in detail to provide you with a fair and comprehensive estimate of the costs.