Jolora "Jean" Culbertson

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  • Lorraine Denson (Saturday, February 04 17 02:04 pm EST)

    "The meditation of my heart, the thoughts I ponder through the day, may they be pleasing to You, Lord, and keep me steadfast in Your Way. When worries weigh upon my mind and make me restless in the night, then may I meditate on You and things I know to be upright. Whatever things are chaste and true, whatever virtue there may be, whatever things well spoken of, may thoughts of these bring peace to me. How precious are Your Thoughts, O God! Beyond all counting is Their Sum. So may I ponder Your Own Words, absorbed in them may I become."
    Psalm 19:14

  • Janice Greene (Tuesday, February 07 17 05:58 pm EST)

    Fondly remember the excitement of meeting Aunt Jo at the train station and having "coffee" at Bob Evans. Another fun memory was walking around Heritage Square in Colo. and driving along Hwy. 6. Am blessed to have known my Mom's only sister.

  • Janice Scheerer Amelang (Thursday, February 09 17 10:30 am EST)

    My thoughts are with you in the loss of your mother. Love you, Marty.

  • Donna Clayton ( Carr) (Sunday, February 19 17 11:07 am EST)

    Sincerest condolences to all of you on the loss of you mother. She was a kind lady.

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