Toni Nicole Van Damme

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  • Mom (Tuesday, June 28 16 07:47 am EDT)

    My heart is breaking. Not sure what I am going to do now with you gone. Love you so very much.

  • Tracey Chase (Tuesday, June 28 16 11:36 am EDT)

    This is so incredibly hard. God I'm going to miss you. You were such a big part of my life growing up. I can't even begin with the millions of stories we had between the two of us. I love you so
    much. You will never know how much you mean to me. I will cherish you always. May you rest in peace love. Watch over us because we sure do need it down here. Love u to pieces.

  • Aunt Marilyn (Wednesday, June 29 16 01:17 pm EDT)

    Can't begin to understand this. A beautiful young lady taken well before her time. I can only hope God thought you had already dealt with enough in your life and decided you needed a rest. He seems
    to only take those who are pure of heart and it is our loss and his gain. Your beautiful smile will be sorely missed. My heart breaks for your Mom and brothers and for Sam. May you rest in peace and
    be surrounded with loved ones forever. Love you very much.

  • Amy Presson (Wednesday, June 29 16 04:10 pm EDT)

    I don't even know what to say. You were one of my closest dearest friends. You were the most selfless, kindest, gentlest person I think I have ever met. I am not dealing with this well at all. I
    already miss talking to you everyday. I drive by your house every morning and every night. You will forever be in my heart and I will miss you so dearly Toni. I love you and appreciated you more than
    you or ANYONE will EVER know.

  • Aunt Sherry (Wednesday, June 29 16 05:25 pm EDT)

    I will miss your sunny smile and your infectious laugh. Thru all your health issues you kept your sunny disposition and always had a kind word for everyone. Your family will miss you dearly but you
    also have family waiting for you with open arms. Love you very much little one.

  • Ed Ward (Wednesday, June 29 16 06:16 pm EDT)

    Condolences for Trisha , May God guide you through this difficult time. I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Aunt June (Wednesday, June 29 16 06:19 pm EDT)

    Some things in life aren't fair and this is one of them. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I always loved having our in-depth political disagreements. You are always trying to set me
    straight. We will all miss you very much. Love you.

  • Your Big LIttle Brother, Brendan (Wednesday, June 29 16 07:31 pm EDT)

    At 6:44 AM on June 27th, 2016 my life changed. That is the moment I found out you were gone. Every second since has been worse than the last and I still cannot come to terms with why this happened.
    As much as I never understood why you bought concert tickets, I will certainly miss seeing you try to sell them every time I got on Facebook. I will miss hearing you call me your Big Little Brother
    because I have been taller than you since I was like 8. Plain and simple I am going to miss you so much. And even though the last thing you said to me I am pretty sure had to do with how much you
    cant stand yours and Sam's cat I will always remember that last moment seeing you. I love you so much Little Big Sister. Please keep an eye on Mom and Sam, they need you now more than ever. I love

  • Ed Ward (Wednesday, June 29 16 07:35 pm EDT)

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family

    Ed Ward Dyersburg, Tn

  • Joanne Bovaconti (Wednesday, June 29 16 07:44 pm EDT)

    Toni, I am going to need your help with Brendan. He is having a really hard time with this.. I don't know what we are going to do now that you are gone. You were the best Sister-in-Law ever, couldn't
    have asked for a better one. We will miss you so much, we love you.

  • Lynette (Wednesday, June 29 16 07:48 pm EDT)

    It is hard to put into words all the emotions I feel.
    I am sad because I will never get to see you,hug you,or hear your voice and your laugh that I love ever again.
    I am mad because you left us so soon.
    I am confused on how something like this happened.
    But I am happy for you, because of the glad reunion you are having seeing all our loved ones who have gone on before us. Give Grandpa,Uncle Emil and Gus my love. I miss them as much as I miss you
    I am also very thankful for the time I had with you and the memories we shared. And for the record they were cheating at Skip-Bo. And I always knew your hiding spot at our Halloween parties, just had
    to find the mound of pillows... I can still hear you saying good gracious... I already miss your silly sense of humor.

    Thank you for loving our family and all its craziness. (We get it from you lol.)
    Its so hard to believe you are gone.
    Until I see you again... I love ya Tone, and I miss you sis

  • Sarah (Wednesday, June 29 16 07:59 pm EDT)

    I don't have words to express the great loss of you. I will forever love you. You were my person.... My sister of the heart. I've loved you since I can remember. I'll love you always

  • Kevin (Wednesday, June 29 16 08:06 pm EDT)

    You will be missed by many you always made friends so easily and that was 1 of many great qualities that made you the great person you were the days of having you chase us around when we were little
    have been coming back to me I will always tresure the laughs and the other silly things we would sit and talk about I love you Toni I will miss you very much

  • Sam Mc Donald (Wednesday, June 29 16 09:39 pm EDT)

    My darling Toni. My heart seems empty without you here. I will miss everything about you, your smile,sense of humor,your laugh, your witty banter...I could go on and on, but mostly I'll miss you
    <3 Rest well babe. Sweet dreams. I Love you.

  • Aunt Darlene (Thursday, June 30 16 09:42 am EDT)

    A beautiful young woman inside and out. We will miss you dearly. You are forever in our hearts. Love you very much.

  • Helen Clover (Thursday, June 30 16 12:15 pm EDT)



    Last night while she was trying to sleep,
    God’s voice she did hear,
    She opened her eyes and looked around,
    But he did not appear.

    He said, "Dear Child, you've got to listen,
    You've got to understand,
    I am not taking you from her dear,
    I only took her hand.

    When she called out in pain that day,
    The moment that she died,
    I reached down and took her hand,
    And pulled her to my side.

    I pulled her up and saved her
    From the misery and pain.
    Her body was hurt so badly,
    It could never be the same.

    Her search is really over now,
    She’s found happiness within,
    All the answers to her empty dreams,
    And all that might have been.

    She loves you all and miss you so,
    And she’ll always be nearby.
    Her body's gone forever,
    But her spirit will never die.

    And so, you must all go on now,
    And live, and understand.......
    God did not take me from you Mom,
    He only took my hand."

  • Chris VanDamme (Thursday, June 30 16 01:29 pm EDT)

    I know where to begin. Never in a million years do you think of this day for your baby sister but here I sit broken hearted,an empty feeling in my soul. I hope you know how much I love you and how
    proud I am of you. It pains me deeply to know we'll never see you smile or hear you laugh but I guess life can just be unfair that way. Know you will always be in our hearts and minds and you were
    LOVED deeply by many,tell those up there that we love them and until I see you again I Love You,your Big Brother Chris.

  • Tricia Preis (Thursday, June 30 16 02:14 pm EDT)

    We love because HE first loved us... 1 John 4:19 - My heart goes out to Trish and loved ones with deepest sympathy.

  • Brittney Van Damme (Thursday, June 30 16 02:16 pm EDT)

    There are honestly not enough words to say how much I already miss you. This all seems like a bad dream that I can't wake up from. I'm going to miss hearing your laugh, or listening to you talk, I'm
    going to miss your hugs and kisses, I'm going to miss your beautiful face. You are one of the sweetest, most stubborn person that I know. You will always be on my mind and forever in my heart. Not a
    day has gone by that I wasn't thinking about you. I love you more than you'll ever know and you mean the world to me. You will be missed dearly.

  • Dave VonGruben (Thursday, June 30 16 02:32 pm EDT)

    We wish to extend our sympathies to you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you
    Dave & Jill VonGruben

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