Sister Anne Christine Looze, CSJ

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  • Cathy & Bill Looze (Sunday, June 05 16 10:03 am EDT)

    God love her!

  • Amy Jordan (Sunday, June 05 16 10:29 am EDT)

    The Lord has given.
    The Lord has taken away.
    Blessed be the name of the Lord.

    I thank God for all He has given me through Aunt Mer. The light and love of Jesus was her passion and she shared it with all, especially with those in their time of need. Again, I say, thank You

  • Amy Jordan (Sunday, June 05 16 10:35 am EDT)

    Aunt Mer made me laugh, she made me cry. Her Spirit touched me and molded my heart in quiet ways.

  • Claudia Looze (Sunday, June 05 16 12:07 pm EDT)

    My Aunt Mer made a huge impact on me. Early memories include pretending her wimple was a giant view camera and we'd take pretend pictures. She LOVED Green Bay Packer games and once she came into the
    kitchen at my grandparent's house cheering and sharing the score, "seven-up!" And my mom said there was only Coke. I've got beautiful old home movies from the 1950sbof her playing games in the back
    yard in New Franken, WI, in full habit. There's a cassette tape of her memories she recorded for me that I need to listen to again. She was always cheery, smarter than a whip, funny, and when she
    told me with such conviction, "God love ya!" I think she knew something I didn't. She certainly was one-of-a-kind. So long, dear Aunt Mer! I hope you have reunited with your parents and your
    siblings. Give my dad a hug for me.

  • Courtney Knudson (Sunday, June 05 16 04:11 pm EDT)

    Always think of you when I look at our wedding candle, hand painted with care. You will be missed, Aunt Mer.

    With love from Courtney, Mark, Ava and Riley

  • Thomas Looze (Tuesday, June 07 16 09:22 pm EDT)

    Sister Anne Christine......My Aunt Mer. My father's sister. My brother and sisters loved it when she visited.
    She was so outgoing and ebuliant.

    I know that she was a tomboy of a devout Catholic family of Belgian origin. She entered the convent at a young age and She was educated in Winona Minnesota and ultimately found herself teaching high
    math at Notre Dame University. During this time it was rare to visit with her. It was wondrous and mysterious to have such close contact with a NUN. We were always awonder as to her hair color and
    her shoeware. She was a consummate teacher during our childhood. She would tease us in a benevolent fashion. I remember a time when we had been shooting marbles and she asked all of us in turn, " Did
    you lose all your marbles?". She was testing us with her quizzes. My older brother recognized the allusion to losing your brains but I was gullible to admit that I had lost my marbles. She always
    founf ways to educate us in the most amising way. Before we could fathom graphs , she taught us a game using a graph to call out coordinates and claim positions on the graph with the objective of
    encircling your opponent. She called the game ...Attacko.

    Later she taught about ""Base 2". She used a deck of cards to made into a digital computer to allow one to pick any card based on the bianary system. I still have that deck of cards. She taught me to
    use the bianary system to count to 31 on one hand. This skill has helped me to keep track of my children's sporting events with one hand for our side and one hand for the opponents.

    It was such a special event to see her as she lived and worked far from her family home in New Franken , Wis....a town close to Green Bay. Sometimes she would visit with other Sisters and it was SO
    eat to in the midst of the Nuns. Whaen we first learned to tie a bow , My siblings and I tied the gigantic rosaries of the sisters' together while they washed dishes after a Christmas dinner.
    Hilarius to us, and so forgiving of the sisters for it must have been difficult to untie the Rosaries.

    My sister Amy has many of Aunt Mer's physical qualities, most prominently her eys She also carries the a great appretiation for the Lord.

    My sister, Claudia has her ebullience and outgoing embracing personality all are drawn to.

    When Grandma Looze became infirm, Aunt Mer left teaching and became the sole Caregiver for her Mom.

    Ultimately her care her her Mom offered her a new calling. She enter the world of hospice. I'm sure she was an inspiration and comfort to all those in her care.

    She once had a near death experience when she had an allergic response to a fire ant bite. She described to me the end of life and was marveled by the experience and indicated she was READY to go to
    heaven. She sounded disappointed she was not taken at that time.

    he kept us always informed. Every year she woud send us an epistle, usually extra postage. These missives woud have much news of her doings and news items to be attended and Papal news to be noted.
    Always a good read.

    her last words to all she encountered were, "GOD LOVE YA! She meant it.

    I loved her dearly. I wish I could be as benevolent and honest and nonjudgemental and enthusiastic about life and the Lord as she.

    God love ya!

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