Ronald Craig Horr

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  • Julia Kube (Friday, July 22 16 11:33 am EDT)

    Your smile lite up the room and your heart was simply pure. The healthy Ronnie that I knew was beyond generous, hard working always hustling with a second job. You adored your kids. ( I can't
    remember a single time you EVER raised your voice to them) and most importantly loyal, you knew that the most important relationship was with God,you fell short as we all do but,I know with every
    ounce of my soul that you knew how important it was to be a kind person and to treat others as you would want to be treated. You succeeded. Your kids got the biggest kick out of you and so did I
    (sometimes) lol You will be missed my friend!: We will miss that laugh and that contagious smile however, we won't miss your style of clothing at weddings. LOL Fly high friend!!! xoxxo

  • Donna Horr (Saturday, July 23 16 02:05 pm EDT)

    I love you soo much Ronny. Wish I could have kissed you goodbye. But I know one thing you will always be in my heart and I, always in yours. You always said we had something special and that our love
    was stronger then anyone,even money wouldn't make us happier then we already are. Love you sweetheart your free of stress and pain now. Your my guardian angel now, so I know your light is gonna shine
    down on me and I'm gonna be OK. Love you bunches my angel. EeeeOooop in the sky I know I will here you.

  • Donna Horr (Saturday, July 23 16 02:17 pm EDT)

    My sweetest husband. How I wish I could have gave you a kiss goodbye. I know how much you loved me and I you. You always told me we had something that no other one has. You also have been telling me
    a lot lately not to worry,t hat when you leave me I will be just fine. Well with you up there shinning you light on me and knowing your my guardian angel I know I will be OK. I will treasure all the
    love you showed me and given me. Hugs and kisses till we meet again. EeeeOooop atcha babe.

  • Kelly (Tuesday, July 26 16 04:38 pm EDT)

    I knew Ronny when we were kids. We all worked the same summer job with our families at the produce stand. Ronny was always smiling!! Sounds like that carried on through his adult years. I am so sorry
    for your loss.

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