Kayla Ann Hawkins

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  • Angela (Thursday, May 26 16 08:26 am EDT)

    Rest in peace Miss Kayla Ann. Know that your pride and joy Gavin, will be taken care of. Watch over him and protect him. You are like a daughter to me. So many ups and downs. Just know I love you NO
    matter what. Always and forever!!!!!

  • rosemary (Thursday, May 26 16 09:41 am EDT)

    we are so sorry for your familys loss she was a very sweet girl jesus has her by his side

  • tony veal (Thursday, May 26 16 05:11 pm EDT)

    you were such a nice girl be at peace

  • Ayeasha Blount (Sunday, May 29 16 05:46 pm EDT)

    Dear kayla where do i begin I'm so lost at words can not even express as to how I feel and the rest of the family and friends we are all like how could this be why you where so young and beautiful so
    smart you had your own little family going wonderful man that loves you very much and your sweet baby boy this is so unfair you where supposed to live a long happy life with your family it's killing
    me to see so much pain and hurt your mom is not doing so well she is trying but you where her everything i no your up there with your dad only God knows that you two are up there reuniting with one
    another i no you two have so much to talk about that's why it's been storming so much i love and miss you 2 more than yous will ever know!!! < ( To Those I Love ) ^ when i'am gone, just release
    me, let me go so i can move into my after glow,you mustn't tie me down with your tears; let's be happy that we had so many years, i gave you my love, you can only guess how much you gave me in
    happiness i thank you for the love you each have shown, but now it's time i traveled on to reunite with my dad and other loved one's. So grieve for me a while if grieve you must, then let your grief
    be comforted with trust. It's only for a while that we must part, so bless the memories within your heart, and then when you must come this way alone i"ll greet you with a smile and a welcome home if
    you did not piss me off lol love yous to we meet again

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